IE Networks
Mereid Bekele



Founder's Statement

“Dream Big ,Start Small “ was my favorite quote since since my last year in College.Now,I have a second one to add in my top list of wise sayings “Good is the enemy of Great” by Jim Collins.

IE Networks is a company being built on a foundation to last for long and great in what it does we don’t settle for nothing less than excellence . Only best performers who are
self– motivated and passionate about their job stay with the company.

Our solutions are the best in the market satisfaction of clients with our commitment to service excellence is what drives us to do better everyday .
We are not in the business of making quick money by chasing obvious opportunities and short cuts. In fact , we already chose to win though difficult situations with hard work, competence, consistency and integrity. We lead the market by creating disciplined culture that will have much bigger effect on the work ethics of our society and overall
technological development of Ethiopia in the medium to long term. long term.