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IE brings security to your data

IE Networks thrown event collaborated with Symantec to discuss about Data leak prevention. The event was held on 22nd of August 2019 in Addis Ababa Organized by IE Networks and Symantec. Tharvesh Takoory, Djamil Jaddoo and Amanuel Wubie cover the technical part and how IE Networks will be a link to deliver this technology to users.
The event outlined security to a data management and how our industry leading data loss prevention is now integrated with the most complete endpoint protection and informed by the worlds largest civilian threat intelligence network.
The event was intended for financial and government industry; security managers, ICT directors and system administrator welcomed with an Introduction that continues a  Symantec integrated Cyber defense exchange platform, AD Security demo, ATP demo, customer case studies and closed the event with question and answer before a networking Lunch which took a half day. Our thanks are extended to all attendee, Symantec and Redington.

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