IE Network Solutions is a leading IT company with a proven track record of successful project completion. We have successfully completed over one hundred twenty projects, including the Ethiopian Road Administration and Ministry of Transport and Logistics Project. Throughout the project implementation and handover phases, we have demonstrated our professionalism and leadership, delivering results with excellence and in a timely manner. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has enabled us to become one of the most trusted IT services providers in the industry.

The Ethiopian Road Administration is a federal organization established in January 1951 G.C, founded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a staff of over eleven thousand, it is structured into five primary deputy director general’s offices, all under the leadership of Eng Habtamu Tegenge, the Director-General.

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics is one of the Ministry dedicated to the advancement, arrangement, coordination, and techniques of the transportation and logistics system with the goal of providing safe and reliable transport services to all citizens of Ethiopia.

IE Network Solutions submitted and won an offer for one of the biggest projects from the Ethiopian Road Administration and Ministry of Transport and Logistics on the Goods for supply, installation, and commissioning of data center infrastructure and a unified communication & collaboration platform. On August 7, 2020, IE Network Solutions entered into a contract agreement with the Ethiopian Road Administration and the Ministry of Transport and Logistics.

The project aimed to tackle various issues within the organization such as unprotected data storage, the need for efficiency & unified communications, slower operation, and management systems, and in general less productivity. This project was classified into six major milestones:

  • Supply, design, reconstruction, renovation, and implementation of Tier III & Tier II (Ethiopian Roads Administration and Ministry of Transport and Logistics respectively) Data center facility infrastructure
  • Supply, Design, and Implementation of Data Center facility monitoring and physical security tools
  • Supply, Design, and Implementation of Hyper-Converged infrastructure and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Supply, Design, and Implementation of Network and Security infrastructure
  • Supply, Design, and Implementation of Unified communication and collaboration platform
  • Supply, Design, and Implementation of the Microsoft Collaboration platform

In addition to the aforementioned milestones capacity building for the internal IT team was conducted which also includes after-sales support for the deployed solutions.

The initial timeline for this project was two years, starting in August 2020. However, due to unforeseen challenges, the completion of the project was delayed. Despite this, IE Network Solutions persevered and successfully completed the project by the end of December 2022.

The success of this project was due to the exceptional talent and expertise of the team involved. A special mention goes to the project manager Meried Bekele (CEO of IE networks) and Ermias Endalamaw (Director of Operations at IE Networks) for their exemplary leadership. The project also saw the participation of civil engineers in the site reconstruction and renovation phases. Following this, specialized groups like Enterprise Network engineers, modern data center and cloud engineers, Security specialists, Data Center Facility and power engineers, and software engineers, all contributed significantly to the completion of this project. All IE team worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the project was a success.

IE Network Solutions worked in close partnership with its trusted partners Canovate Dell, Avaya, Fortinet, and Cisco to provide all the necessary materials for the project. The Solution for this project also included Dell EMC, VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Avaya, Fortinet, Digicert and Kaspersky, Solar winds, double arrow, Hikvision, APC, Zekteco, and Tripp-lite.

To ensure the highest quality of the materials used, IE Networks supplied the best available products for security, superior performance, and long-term reliability. IE Networks’ technical teams also provided detailed instructions and training to the Ethiopian Road Administration and the Ministry of Transport and Logistics team so they can be confident in using the products, and an after-sales support guarantee was offered in case any issues arises during operation.

IE Networks Solutions has done an outstanding job in the successful completion of this massive and complex project, meeting all its commitments along the way. We are delighted with the results and thankful to everyone who participated in this project and contributed to its success. The project has set a benchmark for the Ethiopian Road Administration and the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, paving the way to a more efficient, secure, and reliable future. We are confident that this project will bring a marked improvement in performance, and we thank all those involved for their dedication and hard work.

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