Partnerships have become to be an illustration of a procedure for systemic alter in human lives, joint efforts are now increasingly being rewarded as the potential benefit of working together is enormous. Companies are looking for ways to integrate their economic, labor, and technological efforts, perhaps the most important is the realization that complex problems and needs are not being addressed effectively by existing services that are fragmented. Collaboration involves more intensive and long-term efforts. Joint efforts can overcome problems such as fragmentation and can fully meet the needs of one’s clients.

As a fast-growing technology company across East Africa, IE Network Solutions strongly believes that partnerships are critical to this era of digital transformation. IE Network Solutions has been serving the needs of smart data infrastructure solutions and digitalization in different parts of Ethiopia for more than twelve years. IE Networks Solutions believes that collaboration with international tech companies with a similar vision and mission as IE Networks will bring great results to the world of technology, especially in Africa.

IE Network Solutions has partnered with more than fifty leading tech companies in the market, from one of those leading companies one of those strong and leading partner is Dell EMC. Dell EMC is an American multinational technology company founded by Michael Dell in 2016. Dell is currently one of the world’s leading technology companies with more than 165,000 employees worldwide. Dell EMC offers comprehensive solutions for data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing, and many more digital technologies and innovations for organizations to store, manage, protect, and analyze data.

IE Network Solutions has delightedly announced that it has upgraded its partnership level with Dell EMC to the final and ultimate level of Titanium Partnership Level. IE Network Solutions and Dell EMC have been partners for over ten years. IE Network Solutions initially started working with Dell EMC as a registered partner, and during this phase of the partnership, IE Network Solutions was able to access the My Rewards programs and earn points for sales and other activities. After some time, the partnership grew to a Gold Partnership level, by which partners have the opportunity to build a relationship with cloud service providers and are eligible for online demo center services and service delivery competency opportunities. IE Network Solutions had been a Gold Partner with Dell EMC for over 5 years and in February 2020, this partnership was once again upgraded to a Platinum level, with partners participating on the Advisory Board and receiving additional privileges. After two years of platinum partnerships, the two organizations entered into a definitive partnership level of Titanium Partnership in February 2022. This partnership level provides a high discount potential and mutual support from each other. Hoping that these partnerships and joint efforts of these companies will lead to a better future in the IT industry and the digitization of Ethiopia. We would like to say congratulations to IE Network Solutions and Dell EMC on the partnership upgrade and wish more success to come ahead.

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