The biggest reward for doing a great job is looking at your work and feeling proud, and as the finest networking company in Ethiopia, this is a feeling we at IE Network Solutions are most familiar with. IE Network Solutions is one of the fastest-growing and well-known networking companies based in Addis Ababa, with an extremely impressive client list. So, let’s take a look at one of the projects we recently completed and handed over to the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency.

The Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) is a strategy and delivery-oriented government agency established in 2010 aiming to help accelerate the growth and transformation of Ethiopia’s agriculture sector. The Agency mainly focuses on improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers across Ethiopia.

The Agricultural Transformation Agency has been a client of IE Network Solutions, with the successful completion of three previous projects to satisfaction. The strong client relationship we have with the ATA and the projects given to us time and time again by our many clients are strong evidence to the quality of work we are known for providing. The exact implementation of the projects we hand over, the professional work ethics we have, and the satisfactory testimonies of our clients are some of the points we show in confidence here at IE Network Solutions.

The first project we worked on for the ATA, “The Supply and Implementation of Network devices Rack & Uninterruptable power system (UPS)”, was on July 04-2018. This was implemented to address the need for networking, communications, operations, and corporate network management in the organization. In this project, IE Network Solutions has provided high-quality network devices with professional implementation services that will enable the company to address all its needs listed above. Later in December 2019, Agricultural Transformation Agency required another upgrade of the system to increase productivity with a project called “The Supply of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Node Software, Accessories, Operating system and Databases”, which IE Network Solutions as usual successfully implemented leading to a third project contract between the two organizations.

IE Network Solutions once again won the official bid published by the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency under the project title “ATA Infrastructure Expansion”. Then a contract agreement was Signed on May 10, 2021, on Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing Configuration, Commissioning, and Training of Uninterruptable power system (UPS), Environmental Controlling System, Direct Current (DC) optimization, and Servers. Following the contractual agreement, standard design documents for site preparation guidelines, low-level design, and network implementation plans were created, reviewed, and commented with clients to agree on a blueprint for project execution. This most recent project was the Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing Configuration, Commissioning and Training of Uninterruptable power system (UPS), Environmental Controlling System, Direct Current (DC) optimization, and Servers project which nearly took one year to implement but IE Network Solutions once again provided to satisfaction. This project was initiated by ATA primarily to extend the existing infrastructure and take advantage of the latest product features in the implementation of IDPA and DCIM systems.

Implementation of this project began in January 2022, IE Network Solutions has supplied and completed the execution of Uninterruptable power system (UPS), Alternate Current (AC) in Raw, Datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM), and all other projected contract deliverables. IE Networks used a highly skilled and trained workforce to implement the project. Timely completion of projects within budget and scope satisfied client expectations.

IE Network solutions did extraordinary work finalizing this project in accordance with the design submitted and the work speaks for itself! The completed project is the exact replica of the design in appearance and function guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction. The sophisticated design and complex client demands were no match as the professional and dedicated IE network solutions claimed all this project as one of our many successful projects.

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