The institution of religion is an important part the Ethiopian society. It is a way of life for many people that helps shape cultures and gives substance to its followers. The institution of religion also provides a sense of community and belonging for people. There are many different religious institutions in Ethiopia, each with its own values and role in society.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the largest and oldest Christian church in Ethiopia. It has a long history dating back to over 2000 years ago. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the predominant religion in Ethiopia, with over 45% of the population being members. The church plays a very important role in society and is involved in many aspects of life with a strong influence on the economy of the country.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido TV station was established to be a source of education for many people by helping them understand the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido religion and its teachings. The TV station also makes announcements about religious events and other religion-related programs. Even though the church had been using modern technology for years, the establishment of the TV station was a major step forward. The TV station has a large reach to people all over the world and it has been in great success since its establishment. The station has helped to spread the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido religion to many people, especially people living abroad.

The TV Station had been facing some challenges, and it was in dire need of some IT solutions to help them overcome these obstacles. Fortunately, IE Network Solutions was there to provide the necessary assistance, and best of all, IE Networks did it all for free. The project entailed the implementation of wired & wireless networks, as well as Information processing technology (IPT) solutions for the EOTC TV station. This enabled the station to have high performance with integrated services, network agility, and efficient use of energy. Some civil work, cabling, and configuration were required to complete the project, but it was successfully implemented within the planned time frame. The station was extremely grateful for IE Network Solutions’ help, and they were now able to continue operating without any further issues.

When the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church needed a helping hand to get the TV station IT upgrades, IE Networks was more than happy to oblige. The CEO of IE Networks Mr.Meried Bekele and his team provided charge-free services to the church’s TV station out of respect, goodwill, and support. His holiness Bishop Abune Mathews and his holiness Bishop Abune Abraham were very grateful so they rewarded Mr.Meried with certification and traditional Ethiopian clothing called “Kaba” as a sign of appreciation to the team. The team was very pleased to have been able to help out the church, and the feeling of goodwill was mutual.

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