In today’s ever-changing demand and intensely competitive IT solutions, the need for expert service providers possessing comprehensive expertise and extensive experience has become more critical than ever. With the pace of IT project execution accelerating across a diverse range of companies and organizations, it’s essential to have a professional IT provider who can adapt to changing trends and deliver optimal results. This is where IE Network Solutions comes in, with a proven track record of possessing the necessary skills and expertise to guarantee the success of projects. As technology continues to shape the modern system of organizations, IE Network Solutions stands ready to provide top-notch, innovative solutions that keep clients ahead of the curve.

The Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA) has chosen IE Networks to handle its IT projects as a result of our exceptional track record in completing past projects. ERA is a government organization responsible for developing, constructing, and maintaining Ethiopia’s extensive road network. Merely by collaborating with the ERA, IE Networks expanded the scope of its business engagement, helped government development programs, and fostered Ethiopia’s growth and prosperity.

On 4th February 2021, IE Network Solutions PLC was awarded the project of supplying, Installing, and Configuring IP-based Video Monitoring and Surveillance system for the ERA HQ and Alemgena workshop. The project’s implementation commenced on 9th February 2021, with the primary objective of enhancing the overall security of the premises, preventing theft of spare parts from the Alemgena maintenance workshop, and improving the office security of ERA HQ through the use of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and walkie talkie solutions.

IE Network Solutions PLC successfully delivered the project’s scopes as per the contractual agreement between both parties, installed and configured the IP based Video Monitoring and Surveillance system, upgraded the HQ’s current deployment CCTV surveillance system, migrated the existing CCTV system to the newly deployed system and provided knowledge transfer to the clients. The project required 15 skilled manpower, including a Project Manager, Finance Officer, Sourcing Engineer, Enterprise Network Engineer, Smart Infrastructure Engineer, and Power and Datacenter Facility Engineer. IE Network Solutions PLC collaborated with renowned brands like Uniview, KENWOOD, CISCO, and ZKTeco to deliver the product. Most of the products used for the project were imported from China, the UK, and UAE.

IE Network Solutions PLC encountered some significant challenges during the project’s execution, including delays in forex approval, repeated change requests, loss due to missed items from the contract BoQ, and price changes at the time. Despite these challenges, the company completed the project, and the client’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The accomplishment of this project is a testament to IE Network Solutions PLC’s expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results, which improved the overall security of the premises and resolved the client’s issues. The extremely favorable remarks from ERA confirmed that all of their issues had been resolved and the project had gone according to schedule. The entire IE expert team and IE Network Solutions PLC were praised for going above and beyond to complete the project on time.

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