In such a digital era, where the pace of IT project implementation is increasing in various companies and organizations, the need for Technology solution providers with a wealth of experience and knowledge is more important than ever. Providing solutions based on customer needs requires different skills, tools, knowledge, and techniques in project execution. With the emergence of new and improved IT solutions, organizations especially in Ethiopia, need to update their working system to gain a competitive edge and remain relevant in the market. As organizations increasingly rely on technology, it has become more crucial than ever to have a well-experienced IT solution provider who can stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible solutions. IE Network Solutions have the experience and expertise to ensure an organization’s project success.

It was our preceding reputation and outstanding success that helped us land the IT project of The Ethiopian Statistics Services also known as ESS. Ethiopian Statistics Services is an Addis Ababa based agency of the government of Ethiopia, designated to provide all surveys and censuses for that country used to monitor economic and social growth while acting as an official training center in the field. It is part of the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economics. This was a great opportunity for IE Network Solutions to expand its business and help the Ethiopian government in its development efforts and contribute to the overall growth of Ethiopia.

On July 06, 2021, IE Network Solutions won the project award for Enhancing Shared Prosperity through Equitable Services at the ESS project. A contractual agreement was signed between the two parties as ESS needed basic IT upgrades. Below are the areas in which the organization needed to upgrade with respective solutions provided to solve the issue.

  • ESS lacked solutions that would help it with centralized document management.  
  • ESS employees used their personal email addresses for communication, which was unprofessional and insecure.
  • ESS has many branches all over the country, it had been difficult to manage the branch network from a centralized point.

To solve the institution’s document management problem IE Network Solutions deployed an MS SharePoint solution. SharePoint is used to manage documents centrally, allow users to collaborate on single documents, allow users to make announcements on the dashboard and it also comes with a help desk feature.

As a solution for the email communication issues IE deployed MS Exchange solutions. Thus, from now on, ESS will use an organization email address that is hosted at their premise. Hosting email locally will solve the following issue by providing:

  • Official and professional communications
  • Secure communication
  • More uptime
  • Easily scalable and manageable System
  • One-time cost only

Third issue was the management of branch networks from a central location. A solution named Solar Winds is deployed at ESS headquarters which helped the ESS ICT team to have a live status update of branch network areas such as device power status, network traffic, CPU utilization, and so on.

Our team is always at the forefront of the latest IT trends and technologies. The project was scheduled to run from May 20, 2022, to June 6, 2022, and our team of more than ten qualified professionals worked tirelessly to make sure it was completed on time and to the Agency’s satisfaction. Microsoft and Solar Winds, two of the biggest names in the IT business, were the partners we worked with to carry out the project. We faced some challenges along the way, but our team rose to the occasion and delivered exactly what the Ethiopian Statistics Services needed. They were so pleased with the results that they’ve already signed a new contract for other related projects. We’re proud to have played a part in making the Ethiopian Statistics Service’s vision a reality.

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